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The ancient Dobrinj castle acquired its name from the stem of Croatian word dobar, meaning "good". So if the ascent of man began in water (and sea is also water), and if the civilization of man grew from wheat and water, then the good nature, in providing a man with the good and picturesque Dobrinj as a center of a collective picture, with twenty-one variously depicted settlements, perhaps presented him with the most valuable riches - fertile soil and luxurious sea; a green and blue plain with mild climate and generous sun, natural beauties and healthy clean surroundings.
Municipality Dobrinj - Dobrinj
* Dobrinj - Panorama view at the Soline bay
Dobrinj's blue and green pearls include tourist and maritime Šilo, with its ancient creek, rich tourist offer, a motor camp, clean sea and gravel beaches. Lively Soline inlet, native country of pre-Romanic saltworks, oasis of peace, beauty and health, edged by "live" postcards: Klimno (wet and dry marina, a motor camp, rich gastronomic offer), Soline and Čižići (clean and warm sea, therapeutic mud for treatment of arthritis); stony antique Rudine (with Vitezić's cave Biserujka which is particularly attractive to tourists).
Municipality Dobrinj - Klimno   Municipality Dobrinj - Šilo
* Detail from Klimno
* Detail from Šilo

Old settlements of Kras, Gabonjin, Gostinjac, Polje, Hlapa, Sužan... (with numerous historical and cultural sights) - are convincing natural models for Dobrinj tourist message: healthy nature for healthy spirit in healthy body.

You can find more information at the website of Dobrinj Municipal Tourist Association  and on the official website of
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Live view at Dobrinj, Silo and Klimno
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Općina Dobrinj
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Katastarska površina: 55,05 km2
Broj stalnih stanovnika: 2.023
Broj kućanstava: 891

Stambene jedinice: 4.422
Stanovi za stalno stanovanje: 1564
Naselja: Općinu Dobrinj čine 20 naselja

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